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The 3rd European Pharmacovigilance Congress speaker abstracts
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PEC - Pharma Education Center is proud to present the 4th Edition of the European Pharmacovigilance Congress which will be held in Milan (Italy) next November 26-27, 2020. 


Why attend the European Pharmacovigilance Congress ?


The  4th  European Pharmacovigilance Congress will offer the possibility of getting the sight of pharmacovigilance from different angles, from the Authority’s, Company’s and Patient’s perspectives, rapresenting a great opportunity for professionals and stakeholders to meet targeted audience and fully interact with participants from the Pharma, Clinical and Regulatory community. 

Sessions of oral talks and keynotes presentations, including round tables, networking lunch sittings, exhibit area to showcase new emerging technologies.

The development of the pharmacovigilance legislation based on the observation that too many cases of death from "noxious and unintended" responses to medicines had been reported worldwide (only in EU around 197,000 cases).

It is now clear that through the adequate surveillance of the benefit/risk profile of medicinal products, and through the implementation of measures aimed at improving the correct use of drugs, complications can be managed and their occurrence reduced.

Also costs deriving from the management of complications consequence of treatments can be lowered by the mean of adequate surveillance and risk minimization measures. All these aspects have thus led legislators to revise the pharmacovigilance legislation, wherever possible with the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders including Competent Authorities, Pharmaceutical Companies/Organizations, Patients and Healthcare Professionals so to ensure its effective implementation. The experience gained over time, the technical and scientific progresses, the need for common standards in presence of several territorial/local differences and political evolutions must be taken into account by legislators while reviewing the pharmacovigilance requirements.

Keeping up with the evolving pharmacovigilance requirements could be indeed quite challenging, with no few difficulties for all the involved parties.

The 4th edition of the European Pharmacovigilance Congress by PEC will offer  a great opportunity for the different stakeholders to interact each other sharing their experiences concerning the implementation of the latest pharmacovigilance requirements, to learn more about the new legislations and to get insights by Valuable Experts from the field about possible strategies/solutions to address them.

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