1st European Pharmacovigilance Congress- 2017

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The 1st European Pharmacovigilance Congress was hosted in Milan (Italy) on November 30th, 2017.

Honourable Guests and Key Speakers supported this event with remarkable enthusiasm contributing to make the Conference a prominent success.


The 1st European Pharmacovigilance Congress highlighted uses and functionalities for reporting and analysing suspected adverse reactions of the new EudraVigilance web application (EVWEB) and how this system can help Companies to achieve the effective safety system required by law.

Congress focus

The 2017 Congress has focussed on:

  • EVDAS - How to mangae and to integrate intoown Signal Evaluation
  • ENWEB system: understand how the Signal detection process can be improved
  • How the Signal Detection and Risk Management today can be approached

Key Speakers

The has brought together safety global experts from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry:

  • Pharma & Medical Devices Companies
  • Biotechs Companies
  • Medicines Agencies
  • Academic Research Institutes

Keynote Speakers who attended the 1st edition of the European Pharmacovigilance Congress:

  • Dr. Fernanda Ferrazin - Former Head of Pharmacovigilance Dept at Italian Medicines Agency - Moderator
  • Dr. Glyn Belcher - Director of PV Consultancy Ltd, Former Vice President of Biogen - Speaker
  • Dr. Calin Lingu - Eudravigilance & XEVMPD Trainer for EMA , Former EVDAS Trainer for EMA, CEO of DDCS - Speaker
  • Dr. Marco Sardella - Chief Pharmacovigilance Officer & EU QPPV Adienne Pharma & Biotech - Speaker
  • Dr. Fernanda Ferrazin - Former Head of Pharmacovigilance Dept. at Italian Medicine Agency - Speaker